Wednesday from Addams family on Netflix

3 min readDec 9, 2022

Fans of the little gothic lady have been eager to see a whole storyline about her. When does Wednesday Addams come out as a major character? The question was in the air. And, finally, the desired thing happened.

A new TV series with elements of comedy and horror recently appeared on Netflix produced by Tim Burton. It depicts Wednesday Addams with the release date set for the 23rd of November, 2022. What is it about? “Wednesday” trailer debuts a new Addams family and their daughter’s student years.

Who’s playing Wednesday Addams this time? The character is portrayed by Jenna Ortega. She appears as a sociopathic, yet a defiant girl with supernatural abilities. Wednesday decides to punish the guys bullying her brother. So she fills the pool with piranhas while the guys are playing water polo. That leads to her expulsion from school and following enrollment in Nevermore. That’s what the academy she starts to attend is called.

The girl’s emotionless and cold attitude along with her non-compliant nature cause certain troubles. It’s difficult for her to connect with others. Complicated relationships with new schoolmates and the principal are an underlying plot theme. Meanwhile, Wednesday tries to manage her psychic abilities. They will greatly help the girl investigate the mysterious murders happening nearby.

Wednesday Addams: character depiction produced by Tim Burton

A highly intriguing and mysterious person is Wednesday on Addams family produced by Tim Burton. This malevolent little girl has peculiar interests and conveys a gloomy impression.

Her age varies depending on the video product. In the 1960s series, she is six years old. In the 90’s movies, the child is stated to be 13. Wednesday Addams in new movie series appears as a 16-year-old teenager. She has a brother named Pugsley whose age is also variable.

Pale skin and black braided pigtails are her most remarkable features. A black dress completes the somber look on the contrast with a white collar. This purely gothic appearance makes Wednesday Addams’ smile look especially creepy. Her personality is as dark as her physical aspect.

Wednesday is very enthusiastic about death. Her favorite thing to play with is a doll with no head. It was guillotined by Pugsley at her request. The girl raises spiders and writes poems. One of them is dedicated to Homer who is her beloved pet spider.Sadistic tendencies make another part of a young lady’s nature. Wednesday tried to bury her brother and likes to torture him with metal tools. While he is tied to a chair.

The girl tends to keep her emotions inside and is generally cold and bitter. With all that said, her character produced by Tim Burton makes great material for morbid jokes. Any Wednesday Addams’ meme you can find on the web is rooted in dark humor. She presents a great contrast of an innocent young age and hopeless sadness.





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