The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard in 2022

Top 10 Bluetooth Keyboards for Gamers

The path to enjoying favorite titles begins not only with a perfectly built PC. Choosing the right peripherals such as a wireless gaming keyboard is another crucial step. Luckily, there are so many options available today, and this number is only growing. Now, it’s possible to find a decent gadget at a reasonable cost.

The review below represents the most attractive alternatives with different specs and prices. The well-known brands design and release the majority of them. Some of them are more expensive while others cost a lot.

Historically, any Bluetooth gaming keyboard was a mediocre choice for a pro player. Amateurs and remote workers mainly used such items. Everything changed when companies like Logitech and Razer decided to develop this segment. The main problem lay in a noticeable latency that a wired device never had.

It took years to get rid of this imperfection but it was worth it. Then, they spread out these goods among people who are into portable peripherals. As of today, they’re extremely popular and considered a delight to play with.

Earlier, products like these were too expensive because of the way they were built. Thanks to overwhelming development, one will soon see a SteelSeries wireless keyboard presented. Let’s remind that this company hasn’t released a single item from this category. No one knows the actual reason for that. However, the brand intends to fix it in the nearest future.

10. Razer Turret — Good Gaming Keyboard, Versatile Connectivity

At first glance, this rig is ranked in the last place unjustly. It bears the name of the world-famous brand and everyone should adore it. Nonetheless, it has significant cons that will be mentioned below.

The Razer Turret represents a mini keyboard for gaming with unique features added by the company. It’s worth mentioning that it’s a TKL-typ rig meaning one can easily take it anywhere. The model boasts bright Razer Chroma backlighting with millions of colors to choose from.

The most impressive option is that the device is compatible with Xbox One. Razer Turret is an amazing alternative for people playing not only on PC. On top of it, paying $250 in total gives one a Mamba mouse additionally. That’s the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for the money asked.

Besides, one can see a special lapboard that slides in and out of the keyboard. It’s kind of a portable mouse pad to carry anywhere a user like.

The biggest downside is that the item is more Xbox-oriented. It surely has the potential for PC but its features are too console aimed. One can find a better option for this sum or save a penny instead.

9. Corsair K63 Wireless — The Battery Matters

The brand has created another wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo that seems quite successful. Just like the previous contender, Corsair K63 Wireless is a compact version that’s easy to carry around. Its price tag is slightly more affordable starting at $210 on Amazon.

The rig boasts mechanical switches that are a delight to press. On top of it, the manufacturer has added a bit of onboard memory. This will allow a player to use the reprogrammed buttons with a new machine.

The combination of a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse complements one another well. Though, a person can easily buy the keyboard for just $120 and use it separately. The paired devices are only good for playing on a couch, for example.

Having full-blue backlighting is a plus and minus at the same time. Of course, it looks fancy and helps seeing when it’s dark. However, the product’s battery won’t survive for too long with this feature toggled on. The company claims it should last up to 75 hours but only without lighting. Besides, its detachable palm rest feels unreliable and flimsy.

8. Logitech gaming keyboard G613 — Too Expensive

At first glance, this Logitech G613 is more like an office one. It seems so until a prospective buyer presses a button. The model boasts tactile switches that feel overwhelming. Along with that, there’s a volume wheel for having quick access to sound settings. However, it’s not the one Logitech wireless gaming keyboard that’s worth the money asked for.

Among other upsides is the absence of any lagging compared to a standard device. The product is built to last without any knick-knacks. It features a full-size item being only 3.2 lbs that live for around 18 months. Of course, this is only possible since it has no backlighting at all. A pair of AA batteries will make a person forget about charging it for long.

Speaking of downsides, its wrist rest isn’t detachable and often feels bulky. The cost also foils a desire to buy the rig. It usually starts at $150, which is a lot indeed. One expects to see at least one USB passthrough for such a price. Besides, all the 6 macro keys feel uncomfortable to use and look awkward.

7. iQunix A80 Explorer — The Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For Retro Fans

It’s probably the most catchy and unusual gadget on the list. The reason for that is the retro design that looks overwhelming. Combined with mild RGB backlighting, it seems amazing. Let’s get deeper to see if it’s the best wireless gaming keyboard or another mediocrity.

At first glance, it’s a standard TKL gadget with a changed overall look. It’s worth mentioning that the A80 is reliably built. This product feels somewhat premium when playing or simply typing.

It boasts an additional connection being the best Bluetooth mechanical keyboard with an unusual style. This is especially convenient if using the item on several machines.

Coming down to the weak points, it has no special gaming software. Besides, there are no macros or programmable buttons. All this makes the rig a slightly anti-player-aimed product.

Additionally, the default version can’t boast RGB backlighting. One has to pay $190 to get it together with solid switches. Speaking of the latter, a prospective buyer has a large variety to choose from. There are different Cherry or Gateron options available.

6. Keychron K3 Ultra-Slim — Mini keyboard, Maximum Lightweight

Keychron has presented its slimmest and lightest gadget for users often being on the go. It’s equally great for playing or working remotely. This product boasts swappable switches and delightful backlighting. However, the latter decreases battery life to the minimum marker.

Being 0.87 lbs, it remains a decent wireless gaming mechanical keyboard with its specific features. Choosing low-profile switches makes a customer purchase a pouch that costs $25 extra. It’s a specially designed case to prevent the device from getting damaged. One would need it to protect a rig while traveling or carrying it around.

The K3 has no significant weak points since it offers a unique concept. Though, it’s worth mentioning that a purchaser shouldn’t hope for survivable battery life here. It can stay active for up to 34 hours but only with backlighting toggled off.

One can’t complain about the price tag as well. It starts at $74 increasing up to $84 depending on the backlighting choice. This makes it a great option for budget-minded players looking for a small item.

5. Asus ROG Falchion NX — Small Gaming Keyboard: Portable Gaming

Just like the previously reviewed guest, the Asus ROG Falchion NX boasts its portability. The main difference between them is the price and unique features added. Its cost is set at $160, which is a lot for such a tiny beast.

To start with, it’s a per-key RGB wireless keyboard designed for players. It has special software, which allows a user to change the settings. However, it’s quite clunky and needs improvement.

Another distinctive feature is the variety of switches available. All of them show perfect results while playing. Though, the blue ones are a bit heavy to press, which feels awkward.

The Asus ROG Falchion NX has a touch panel that serves as a volume rocker and battery indicator. Nonetheless, this is extremely sensitive and one should be careful not to touch it accidentally. It’s certainly not the best wireless keyboard but it deserves to be on the list.

In general, it’s a solid rig that’s portable and easy. This will be the right choice for on-the-go users and travelers. It’s a delight to type with it or immerse into a favorite title.

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We conduct reviews, guides and comparative tests of gaming laptops, monitors, graphics cards, keyboards, mouses, headsets and chairs to help you buy the best ga