The Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022

7 min readMay 10, 2022

Top 10 Mechanical and Membrane Keyboards for the most demanding gamers

by Kevin Hard

The Best Gaming Keyboards 2022 — A good gaming mouse and keyboard are essential attributes of professional eSportsmen or streamers. Such realities and impressions leave the majority of ratings. The fact is that the gaming industry has changed over the years of isolation. Representatives of these activities spend at the PC more than 8 hours. Therefore, some need a quality continuation of their hands.

Many people buy two devices at once. The best gaming keyboard and mouse combo must be found within the same brand. No company wants to miss out on profits. The direction giants instill a unified style in terms of functionality and design. Combinations with others labels are possible, but not guaranteed due to specific user requirements.

Are they as fast outdated as smartphones? How many masterpieces of the past are relevant today? So, it’s time to review the offerings for the best gaming keyboard in the current year.

The main types of Keyboards

1. Mechanical Keyboards

Humanity has not come up with anything better for today. But each company has its own set of features. Design and dimensions affect perception. There are hundreds of technologies for ordinary pressing, which makes the process extremely individual. Choosing the right one can take a long time.

Each key has a special switch made of many parts. Pretty demanding in terms of height. Therefore, they have a specific sound and are very responsive. This is what constitutes quality. All these are pros, which are mandatory for professionals.

A good and affordable example is the Logitech mechanical keyboard. Supplied to almost all countries of the world. Available in price and models.

2. Membrane Keyboards (Non-Mechanical)

Amazing quality, quiet, and well protected from small debris. These are very thin and consist of simple elements. Pressing falls on a special layer and doesn’t transmit tactile feedback to the fingertips. A similar principle of operation is implemented in a number of devices and household appliances.

Keyboards by Connection Type

1. Wired Keyboards

Used cable to connect directly to a computer or other suitable thing. More and more often, there are removable options for different versions of USB. The main advantages are the high speed of signal reception and transmission.

A wire is a problem for an advanced working system. Players will have to decide how and where to hide them. Right down to thinking through the architecture of furniture and a special cable tie. But they rarely break and tear.

2. Wireless Keyboards

  • Wi-Fi
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Bluetooth

The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard in 2022 — The most advanced keyboards can support several options at once. It is also a good tone that such models support multiple connections to different devices. Experienced players try not to use it in competitive games. The reason is some signal delays.

Logitech is trying to develop technologies that reduce latency to the most imperceptible values. Still not the best option for eSports due to the tangible difference with the opponents. Unfortunately, other brands bypass this direction.

10. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo — 100% Keyboard for Gaming AND Typing

What is the best keyboard 2022 in the world? Can this model claim such a high-profile title?

Atypical design that can be described as ‘modern vintage’. The keys rise above the base and are reminiscent of the typewriters of the past. This decision is due to the proprietary component — Titan Switches. The interaction of the fingertips is due to the special structure of the keys. Designed to reduce wobble and provide the fastest response when pressed.

Roccat — Beneath each switch is an individual configurable LED for the visible AIMO light engine. Moreover, the settings allow processing 16.8M colors and amazing effects. Lighting has greater coverage and keeps symbols visible from any angle.

The high form factor will take some time to find a comfortable position. Hands will hang over the keys more than other exemplars. This will be the main cause of fatigue at first.

9. Razer Huntsman Mini 60%: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever

A simplified version of the same series. For those who work in several unusual places.

Dimensions and functional features are 60% of the usual standards of the boards. Num / Control / Arrow Pads have been removed for ease of use and portability. A good solution for elementary office work, but more dubious for games. Only the absence of arrows raises questions since their functionality is quite a demand. They make it much easier to walk through the lines of code.

Razer — Convenience is also expressed by the ability to choose the most optimal slope for yourself. This means that the fingers will be able to reach the farthest keys. Is this a good gaming keyboard? Small hands got the right tool? Definitely not, but there are many advantages and tasks where size matters.

8. Corsair K100 RGB: Optical Wired keyboard with new OPX switches

Each of the 117 keys is part of a large system of maximum control. Several dynamic lighting patterns are available with 44-zone three-sided RGB LightEdge. This technology is designed for the best visibility of layout at any angle and lighting. The patterns symbolizing nature turned out especially well.

The Corsair keyboard is ready for any integration into iCUE ecosystem. Each element of the computer can be associated with a color scheme and a special animation. Allows creating interesting shades for streamer backgrounds or front lighting. There will be something to boast about if skill fails.

This is a good option for direct PC play for any game and genre. The main limitations are related to the fact that it is wired. Not the best option for those who like to lie on the couch.

Became one of the best gaming keyboards 2020 in the year of its release. Continues to be among the leaders throughout this time. The most obvious competitor is any Logitech gaming keyboard. There is something similar in their products.

7. Mountain Everest Max — Modular hotswap mechanical keyboard with displays

Mechanical gaming keyboard always sounds special. There is something mesmerizing about the implementation of these keys. It is much easier to find a violin that will fit individually. However, it is worth paying attention to this brand. They don’t have world fame but they surprise by their decisions.

Everest Max is interesting in that additional elements can be customized. Media Dock along with the numeric keypad are easy to use with any main hand. There are special connectors and settings for this. If compactness is more important, then don’t get these parts out of the box. A regular base is enough for work and play.

Design solutions with shabby lines look attractive. Stands out from monotonous competitors. Removable pads and user-friendly software tip to the final choice.

6. Asus ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe — 80% RGB Gaming Mechanical TKL Keyboard

The ASUS brand is increasingly becoming an innovator in the gaming direction. Many extraordinary devices have been released in recent years. This includes the most powerful laptops, smartphones, 80% gaming mechanical/membrane TKL keyboards and more. Small but useful changes make their products unique. Competitors buy successful concepts or create their own.

This is where the best wrist rest for PC gaming keyboard found its place. Soft on top, but dense filler inside the leatherette. The material perfectly retains its shape relative to the posture of the user’s hands. Strong magnets keep the pad from moving but can be removed quickly. Easy to set up and convenient to carry in a backpack.

Not everyone understands the difference between this board and others like it. Lots of backlight settings, nice key travel, and full functionality. The soft wrist rest is an extremely rare and significant pro. One-touch is enough to never let go.

5. Razer Cynosa Chroma: Good All Round Membrane Keyboard

Some users choose a membrane. Thus, they are looking for a mini keyboard for gaming. There are too many details in mechanics that are difficult to make thinner. The difference in prices is significant when choosing.

When picking Cynosa Chroma, the buyer pays attention to the brand. It has everything the company is known for. Modern backlight technology Razer Chroma™, proven components, and pleasant ergonomics are their standard. This is exactly what the players need. It will turn out to save one or two hundred dollars.

Clearly quieter than most other models. It will not annoy its owner and soul mate at night. The deformation of the case during pressing is noticeable. Placement assumes a flat surface or a special soft rug.





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