Jenna Ortega — early years, movies and TV shows, role in Wednesday

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Jenna’s age and her early years

September 27, 2002 is the day the actress was born. Jenna Ortega’s family resided in Southern California. Her father is Mexican and her mother is half Mexican, half Puerto Rican. Therefore, Ortega represents the Latin American community. This is a big part of her social activity. Her height is 5’1 (155cm).

Jenna grew up with five other children and, as such, never led a “normal lifestyle”. Her acting career started quite early, so she missed key high school events. In particular, Ortega regrets not visiting graduation and prom. They are considered to be important experiences and milestones in every teenager’s life.

Jenna Ortega: movies and TV shows

First roles and collaboration with Disney

The girl received her first audition at the age of 8. It was achieved thanks to her mother’s and agents’ efforts. In 2012, Jenna debuted in the sitcom Rob.

It was followed by a minor role in CSI: NY.

The first film where she briefly performed was Iron Man 3. Then, a supporting role came to Jenna Ortega in the movie called Insidious: Chapter 2. It was commercially successful. Both films came out in 2013.

The next year, Jenna Ortega shows up in Jane The Virgin which lasted until 2019. In the series, she plays the titular character at a young age. And this recurring role brought the actress her first drops of fame. The show had over 100 episodes, with the girl playing in about 30 of them. Each Jenna Ortega’s movie scene in this drama represented an important flashback of the protagonist. The role became pivotal to the young girl’s career. The telenovela won slews of awards while it was running on the screens.

In 2015, the rising star was cast for Richie Rich produced by Netflix. She played gold digger Darcy who squanders Richie’s wealth even against his will. The show was ruined by critics. In the same year, fans could spot Jenna Ortega in a new movie After Words. She portrayed Anna Chapa.

Disney’s product Stuck In The Middle was the actress’ next big work. Her character, Harley Diaz, was the lead in the sitcom. It was warmly met by critics, and Ortega got Imagen Award for the role. The comedy series started in 2016 and went on until 2018.

If you wish to see Jenna Ortega in videos, there is one shot for “Chapstick”. The song was written by Jacob Sartorius and released in 2017. The singer also played a role in it.





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