Google Dinosaur game — Chrome Dino

3 min readDec 28, 2022

Google Dinosaur game — Chrome Dino

Have you ever felt like a caveman with the Internet suddenly turned off? Those who prepared properly may turn on games without downloading and relish their forethought. However, most of us don’t have a game to play while there’s no wifi.

And it’s not an obstacle at all if you know a little secret about Chrome. This browser can keep users entertained offline. No matter if your Google system is on the phone or on the PC. Further, we discover an interesting hidden game everyone can play at any time.

The game details

Your connection may fail for a number of reasons. And in any case, Chrome has you covered. Whenever the Internet is down, you come to see a well-known image in your browser. It’s a cute little dinosaur in the middle of the screen. In fact, this is your entrance to the Dino game. You are just one click away from launching it.

Although it’s a simple monochrome runner, its developers still deserve praise. The overall simplicity and undemanding game design make it even more engaging. You can tell that by the number of fans this pixel entertainment has worldwide.

Basically, you play for T-Rex roaming along some deserted area and avoid the appearing obstacles. A tyrannosaurus is a character that often appears on the screen in dinosaur movies.

In this game, the ancient carnivore should jump over each cactus it encounters. Also, steer clear of the pterodactyls soaring in the sky. The ultimate goal is to beat the high score. However, the runner is not about setting a record. The process is the most important and enjoyable part of the game.

As you play, the speed gradually increases. That’s why for beginners, the game causes some difficulties. Continuously operating your dinosaur and successfully jumping over each obstacle without failing isn’t that easy.

Now you’re probably interested in how this browser Tirex game was developed. So let’s take a step back in time.

The invention history of the Chrome Dino game

The development of the Chrome browser runner dates back to 2014. First released in September, the game wasn’t compatible with older versions of the Android system. The final adjustments were only introduced by the Google programmers in December.

The creator of the game Sebastien Gabriel explains that T Rex symbolizes the prehistoric period. At that time, the Internet wasn’t yet invented, so people can relate to the atmosphere.

As for the pixel-by-pixel and monochrome design, this isn’t random either. It’s a reference to error images of the Google browser.

Another nickname for the Dino runner game was “Project Bolan”. It was called so in honor of the music band “T-Rex”. Its lead singer’s name was Marc Bolan.

In the process of making the game, the designers had interesting ideas for the dinosaur. For example, they wanted to allot Dino some cool features such as kicking and roaring. But, eventually, none of that was implemented. The game was supposed to be primitive and simple. And the programmers managed to convey the raw nature of a prehistoric dinosaur.





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