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TOP-10 Affordable Gaming Mouses

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse in 2022 — Another crucial step to achieving high results and maximum comfort is paying attention to peripherals. Contrary to common belief, not all player-aimed rats are exorbitantly expensive. There are hundreds of good but cheap gaming mice for PC available on the market in 2022. The presented below top list will prove it once again.

One can purchase budget-oriented options that still deliver impressive performance. Along with that, various designs and unique features will allow nobody to stay indifferent. A widespread myth that only pros can afford a decent device is no longer true.

As of today, even the world-famous manufacturers release inexpensive editions. Their main goal is to make their products available not only on a competitive scene. Now, go to a retail store and buy a cheap gaming mouse for under $50. Down below, one will see what alternatives are available for this or even lower price.

Sometimes it’s worth investing in this kind of peripheral for around $150–200 and more. Is it actually the case for an average user hunting for a reliably built item? Of course not, because it’s a pure money waste. An amateur player will never need 20000 DPI or other knick-knacks offered.

Sit back and look through the best budget gaming mice available this 2022 year. One can be sure that there will be a variant to one’s taste. The list is compiled in a way to describe price-value options only.

10. Logitech G600 — MMO Fans Would Appreciate

Logitech has done a great job of making this model competitive in the current market. It combines affordability, maximum capability, and ergonomic shape. Though, the latter is more about people with larger hands.

To start with the upsides, its cost starts at $35–40 at Best Buy, which is amazing. Usually, the devices from this category are not lower than $70–80. Judging by its overall look makes it clear that the rig is all about MMO. With this larger 12-button side panel, it’s extremely comfortable for this genre.

Despite its price tag, the gadget is reliably built and feels comfortable in a hand. The product features a braided cable that, however, feels a bit stiff. To unlock its programmable potential, a prospective customer should install the G HUB software. In all other cases, this side panel won’t have any sense.

Speaking of downsides, it’s a good and cheap device, but its use is limited. It’s way too heavy for playing an FPS title or working remotely with it. Then, it’s more suitable for people with larger hands who are into palm grip style. All other variants aren’t about this example.

The price of this best value mice starts from $34.99 (Amazon)

9. Razer Viper Mini Mice — Ambidextrous Dream: The Affordable Mouse

Razer has released a little sibling of the original Viper Mini. Before one starts complaining about its reduced functionality, let’s dig deeper. The model still boasts a sleek design combined with an ambidextrous shape. It has thumb buttons and a nice rubber wheel. All that comes at $39 and seems quite affordable.

Sure, its DPI marker has become 8500 but let’s look at this from another angle. Who would ever set 16000–20000 points when playing on a daily basis? At the same time, it uses a Razer Optical Sensor. This is far from being one of the best drag-clicking mice, but no worries. Every click is fast and tactile enough not to see the difference between an original version.

The company has jammed delightfully looking lighting in this model. It illuminates the brand’s logo and the lower side of the rig. One sees several configurable buttons that are, unfortunately, only usable for right-handed people.

It looks like one of the best cheap gaming mice at first glance. Nevertheless, is it actually perfect? The product isn’t really constructed for people with larger hands. Besides, its braided cable often feels stiff before it straightens a bit. Finally, it’s a great option for claw grip players but not for palm grip ones.

The price of this best value mice starts from $27.1 (Amazon)

8. HyperX Pulsefire Haste — Feels Like Hollow Inside

his contender is even lighter than the previous one. It’s possible thanks to its honeycombed design that looks practical and stylish at once. While its weight can be a crucial upside for someone, it can be the opposite. Let’s get deeper to see what features this tiny beast holds.

This unit is jammed with enough DPI to show solid results in any title. Being a bit over 2 ounces, 16000 points are impressive indeed. Combined with its dimensions, the HyperX Pulsefire is definitely good for quick FPS titles. Its shape is made specifically for claw grip users, which proves the preceding sentence.

What makes it different from other cheap gaming mice is the actual price. One won’t find it lower than $45 on Amazon. That’s quite a lot for a tiny like this. Luckily, one can often purchase it on sale for around $30.

Another weak point is the way it’s built. What it involves is chassis reliability and how sturdy it is. The rig isn’t likely to survive a random fall because it’s so light. In fact, it often feels as if it’s hollow inside.

Still, it’s worth purchasing this gaming mouse on sale because its specs are amazing indeed. If one has smaller hands, it would be the right choice. In other cases, more heavy models are recommended.

The price of this best value mice starts from $45.65 (Amazon)

7. SteelSeries Rival 5 — A Bit Out Of The Category

Manufactured by one of the well-known brands, the Rival 5 deserves special attention. To start with, it boasts an ergonomic shape and overall comfortable design. The left side panel especially catches the eye, but let’s talk about it later.

It’s worth mentioning that the reviewed SteelSeries model costs around $60. That may seem a lot compared to other cheap mice described on this list. Looking at the presented contender in detail will help avoid any snap judgments.

This item boasts a weight of 3 ounces making it perfect for any genre title. Having a freshly updated TrueMove Air Sensor grants precise movement. All that is combined with 18000 DPI for any case. Besides, there is full RGB lighting that emphasizes stylish design.

Speaking of the left side panel, it’s a unique trait of this rig. It represents five programmable buttons in one place. Though, they’re too close to each other making it easy to hit them accidentally. Another negative moment is a braided cable that often feels stiff.

The reviewed guest doesn’t seem to fit in a budget gaming mouse specter. Nonetheless, it’s often worth paying over $10 more to get a unit like this. It’s still an affordable price tag for such a reliable and sturdy option.

The price of this best value mice starts from $59.99 (Amazon)

6. Roccat Burst Core — Drag-Clicking Machine: The Best Budget Mouse Of 2021

That’s another impressive guest that is, however, not that popular in the US. The gaming brand that creates and distributes it comes from Germany, mainly known around Europe. Still, this unique candidate (The Best Budget Mouse Of 2021) boasts a light and sleek chassis.

Being only 2.4 ounces, this is perfect for FPS titles where accuracy and reaction matter. In general, the majority of Roccat rats are good for drag-clicking tricks. This Roccat Burst Core model hasn’t become an exception. Starting at $29, it’s also one of the best mouses for drag-clicking in this segment since 2021. Its sturdy and reliable build inspires confidence despite its low cost.

The rig features six programmable buttons and quite vivid lighting. Combined with onboard memory, one can take it anywhere with the settings ready to go. What else is there to dream about for the sum stated?

Speaking of the weak points, the item can be difficult to find in the States. Its performance has no significant complaints yet the cable does. This can drag from time to time and make a player re-adjust it. After all, this is a solid and cheap drag-clicking mouse worth every penny spent. Its well-built construction raises no doubts about its survivability and performance.

The price of this best value mice starts from $35.04 (Amazon)

5. SteelSeries Rival 3 — A Little One Pushes Forward

Unlike its elder Rival 5 sibling, this model is far more affordable. Along with that, it offers a mid-sized shape suitable for any hand type. There’s also 8500 DPI, which is even a lot for a budget alternative like this. Paying $25 is enough to get lower side and logo lighting with various color options.

This brand doesn’t offer too many cheap gaming mice, and this is actually an exception. The Rival 3 has done a great job of combining all the upper-class features. At the same time, it weighs only 2.7 ounces, which is an average number. It will be the right choice to play FPS or any other genre title.

Despite the company has skimped on the sensor quality, one won’t feel it. This is possible thanks to the switches installed. They’re probably the most amazing part of this device considering the price.

The following downsides don’t allow this gaming pc mouse to take the lead. Its thumb buttons are a bit awkward and hard to press. Let’s remind that the same problem has the Rival 5. Then, its low-profile wheel is also a struggle, especially for claw grip users.

The price of this best value mice starts from $24.99 (Amazon)

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We conduct reviews, guides and comparative tests of gaming laptops, monitors, graphics cards, keyboards, mouses, headsets and chairs to help you buy the best ga