10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 for Gamers in 2022

The TOP 10 laptops under $500 — the cheapest laptops that perform well


Gaming Laptops Under $500 — Market relations are a beneficial environment for buyers. Manufacturers produce a variety of goods for everyone’s budget. But now many people face a problem of a completely different level. They can’t choose the model in such an ocean of options. They read numerous articles about inexpensive laptops, get tired, and finally pick at random. If they are lucky, they get a good gadget. But often, it’s a bad purchase.

Of course, it’s over-exaggerated a bit. But if you’ve recognized yourself at some point, then you have a similar problem. We’ll help you deal with the choice by providing a detailed guide. Scroll down to learn how to search for a budget notebook.

Besides, we’ve compiled a list of the best laptops under $500. Out top features 7 manufacturers that have proven to be reliable providers of high-tech devices. You’ll get 10 options that are leaders in their price segment in 2022. We’ve analyzed their characteristics, cost, professional reviews, and consumer reports. But first, let’s cover the preparatory steps. They’ll help you better sort out theoretically suitable and not-so variants.

What Do You Need the Budget Laptop For?

It’s vital to answer this question because it’ll affect the set of features to look for. If you want a powerful gaming gadget, then this list is not for you. First of all, they cost more than 500 USD. Secondly, we’ve focused on the balance between features, price, and quality. If you need a device for occasional gaming and working/studying, the article will be useful.

We’ve compared dozens of graphics cards, screen stats, batteries, and other elements. As a result, we sorted out 10 picks. They all respect the balance between price and quality.

A Short Checklist to Follow

Before you dive into the ocean of options, it’s essential to create a so-called sieve. It’s a list of tips that will help you sort out gaming laptops under 500:

  • Be confident in why you’re buying it

Are you a student who needs it for studying only? This choice will lead you to devices with certain features. Are you a freelancing designer? Then your path will head in a completely different direction. If you pursue working and gaming goals, then you’ll focus on particular stats.

  • Count your budget opportunities

This will help you significantly narrow down the variety of options. And it’s a good thing. You’ll cut off unwanted devices, still having lots of variants to look into. The list below is dedicated to good laptops under 500 USD.

  • Study the market

Find out what manufacturers have to offer for this price. Read several top lists (our including). They’ll help you see if the leaders are more or less the same. Then write down the models you like and add their advantages over competitors. This can be tech-related things like graphics cards and just your preferences in style.

After this, apply to the opinion of professionals. Go to Youtube, find channels you trust, and watch video reviews. They reveal all pros and contras and show the device from different angles.

If you don’t like to conduct such research by yourself, skip the steps above. Just head to an offline store and talk to an assistant.

  • Visit a store

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to 2–3 options, go and touch them. Evaluate their design and colors, use the keyboard, etc.

A tip: ask a seller if there is an opportunity to return a device. Use it for several days as a trial period. Some have such a service, sometimes for free with a full refund. Other sellers can offer this for payment.

  • Wait for a couple of days before buying

Discuss your choice with friends, and consider all pros and cons. This time will allow you to make the most rational decision.

The best laptops under $500 are below, enjoy the list!

The List of 500 Dollar Gaming PC:

10. Microsoft Surface Go 2 — the good affordable laptop

It’s a stylish tiny device that comes in 3 colors: blue, sandstone, and platinum. The design rocks with its elegant and portable features. It has a built-in kickstand and a keyboard to make its usage more convenient.

It offers a strong Intel processor Pentium Gold 4425Y or Core M3. The basic version comes with 4GB of RAM, but you can always opt for 8GB. The display is small but bright. It’s framed by elegant bezels that make its outlook even cooler.

All in all, it’s a great device to buy for:

  • A family who needs a second computer for a kid (homework and gaming)
  • Buyers who enjoy tiny technologies
  • Users who travel a lot and need it at hand

The price of this best value laptop starts from $399 (Amazon)

9. Asus VivoBook 15 — the good cheap gaming laptop

The manufacturer wanted to make a style-reserved computer and managed to nail it. It doesn’t have any distracting elements, with a nice metallic topside. It comes in black, white and blue.

The screen is considerably bigger than the previous model: 15.6” of Full HD display. The processor has the respectable performance to power high-quality video games. A decent sound system makes it an ideal model for watching films/playing digital adventures. A mid-quality camera allows you to participate in video calls.

Asus VivoBook 15 is still a small device. It has a lightweight build (3.75 lbs): perfect for working, studying, gaming, and traveling. However, its disadvantage is the battery life which can’t run the whole day long.

If you’re looking for affordable laptops, try this one. It can be found for as low as $384 (Amazon)

8. Lenovo Yoga 7i — the best laptop for college students or working from home

The model comes in 2 colors — slate gray and dark moss. Its design oozes premium aesthetics. This Lenovo transformer can be shaped into different form factors: laptop or tablet.

The screen has adaptive brightness and is a pleasure to use. Luckily, the processor is pretty powerful. The battery lasts for as long as 18 hours without additional charging! The construction is lightweight. It’s only 1,4 kg and weighs less than bulky gaming PCs.

The device provides a high level of privacy. A fingerprint reader won’t give access to other people. Extra protection is a webcam shutter at the top of the display. It won’t let criminals see you even if they’ve penetrated the system.

Lenovo Yoga 7i is a great model for everyday use, with a good 1M camera and convenient key travel distance. This is the best laptop for college students or working from home.

Can be found for $769 (Amazon)

7. Acer Aspire 5 — the best laptop for price

Acer Aspire 5 is another leader among laptops under $500. The cover (made of sandblasted aluminum for extra safety) doesn’t collect fingertips. Several colors (black, blue, silver, golden, pink) are designed for every taste.

The touchpad is big and convenient enough, so buying a mouse is not necessary. All keys can be backlit. It is useful when you have to work or play in a dark room.

The performance is pretty good. But the Acer device is better for working/studying than gaming. It’ll launch video adventures but not at the highest settings. The gadget’s autonomous time is also above average in this price segment.

All in all, it’s a very beneficial purchase for such quality and cost. The price can be as low as $369 (Amazon)

6. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i — the best gaming budget laptop

Another interesting transformer from Lenovo comes in gray, dark gray, and blue. The laptop is made of hard matte plastic that is pleasant to touch. If we look at the design, it’s reserved with no screaming elements.

The screen is sensor-powered. A special mechanism allows you to use it as a notepad. If you need the keyboard, its quality is ok: nice response speed and travel depth. By the way, it’s also equipped with backlighting.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i is oriented for working and studying. It’s lightweight and powerful enough for that. The keys are too small and inconvenient for gamers. Yet it’ll run some digital adventures.

The lowest price seen online is $380 (Amazon)

5. HP Stream 11 — the best inexpensive laptop

Hewlett Packard — This one is definitely among the best laptops for college students under $500. It’s made of plastic that looks like aluminum. The variety of colors will be able to satisfy different tastes and preferences. It has a convenient keyboard with a surprisingly nice button travel (considering its small size).

You can also use it for Skype communications, sending audio messages, watching videos, and typing essays. Although it won’t launch titles with heavy graphics, something like Warcraft 3 will run just fine.

It’s a lightweight (2.37 lbs) device with a passive cooling system (very quiet).

It’s among the best affordable laptops: the price is about $249 (Amazon)

Read more https://best.kevin.games/gaming-laptops/best-gaming-laptops-under-500



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We conduct reviews, guides and comparative tests of gaming laptops, monitors, graphics cards, keyboards, mouses, headsets and chairs to help you buy the best ga